The Catalog Returns!


2020 has certainly offered up some obstacles! But here at the end of the year, I’m finding myself with a somewhat cleared desk. I can finally start adding the catalog pages in again. 

I’ve done my best to test out the registration and ordering systems. It **seems** to work, but time will tell. You’ll tell me if you can’t sign up, right? Or if you can’t add zines to your cart or check out. Or if you have questions not covered on any other page of the website.

Adding the zine titles, photographs, and write-ups is a very slow process. But it is my 2021 goal to get all 1000+ titles back up for borrowing. After the initial listings, I hope to go back and enhance all the individual pages with more specific information. But … let’s get this party started back up first!

Oh, please note this: If you were registered before at the old CRLL site, you will have to RE-register here. None of that old information transferred over.

Thank you for your continued patience. Hope to see you in the Borrowers List soon!

 ~ Carole W