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Announcing the CRLL’s Zine Super Sale!


Some very generous and thoughtful members of our fan-family have donated their stashes of original zines to the CRLL for either adding to the collection or to sell to benefit the library. My goal, as librarian, is to find 3 copies of every zine title available. We’re still a ways from achieving that – we have only one precious copy of some zines still, still more with but two copies. But we are at three copies of many volumes, and that’s really encouraging.

So what should we do when we have 4 or more copies of a title?

It’s time to have a sale!

Have you wanted to start your own fanzine collection? Want to have your own copy of your favorites?

Buy 1 – 4 zines for $7.00 each (includes shipping to US addresses)

Buy 5 or more zines for $6.00 each (also includes shipping to US addresses)

Zines will be shipped by USPS Media Mail.

I’m glad to ship internationally, however the total postage will be the buyer’s responsibility. (I expect it could be very expensive – the zines can get heavy.) Buyers outside the US should email me for a cost estimate.

Your purchases from our overstock will help pay the CRLL website’s hosting bill, will help with the cost of boxes and supplies, and will provide funds for the purchase of zines (when we find something we need for sale) or to pay for the shipping of donated zines when necessary. Plus give you hours of reading pleasure!

Check out the list – just click the link below.

CRLL 2021 Super Sale List

 ~ Carole W