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Let me introduce myself. I'm Carole Whitehead, your Librarian (Carole W. on the lists). I live in East Tennessee, not far from a little country Post Office that never has a line. I am honored to be caretaking this treasure and look forward to sharing these delights with our fandom family.

The Crystal Rose Lending Library staff includes JoAnn B. and Elaine Smith.

JoAnn is a treasure herself. Ask her any fandom/fan fiction question - she'll likely know the answer. She has generously donated support, her time, and many, many zines to the library's collection.

Elaine is a marvel of technical skill and creative energy. The shopping cart ordering system and the creation of the zine database are entirely her doing.

If you have feedback, difficulties, or questions, please let me know.

Write to us at <librarian at crystalroselendinglibrary dot com>
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The Watchers

The guardian kitties claimed the boxes as they arrived from California via the post office. Indeed, they were somewhat sorry to see them unpacked. Quite the high, sunny perch they had.

And, yes, our Postmaster asked me what on earth these many boxes contained (it's a very small town) and so I told her, and - you guessed it - she *loved* the show!