The Collection

The entire inventory of zines with the accompanying Qfer information can be found in The Stacks.

The Helpers' Quality Fanzine Review

The QFER is a monumental reference and your best companion while studying the Crystal Rose catalog of zines! There's a wealth of information there - author, artist, editor, rating, season, story synopsis and more. Originally conceived by Nan Dibble, the Qfer was once published on paper and offered review opinions and star ratings. Later, Jackie N. and JoAnn B. enhanced the available information and made it available online. The custodians of the Qfer have allowed the library to incorporate their work into the catalog of zines. Updates have been made - and will continue to be made - to the data fields.

What Does a Zine Library Look Like?

Where Did We Put All Those Zines?

I get these questions all the time! My daughter is grown up now and out on her own, so we converted the walk-in closet in her old room to the library. Amazingly, it was just the right size with a wee bit of room left over for expansion. Since, we've put in another set of shelves, and that's a very good thing. It means our collection is still growing!

Here's a peek inside ~

A view of the zine library. Floor to ceiling shelves heavy with books.


Catherine and Vincent photoshopped inside the zine closet