Borrowing – How This Works

For Six Dollars ($6.00), you may borrow a box of zines - a maximum of 5 volumes. This price covers postage for shipping to you plus a little for handling. Shipment is by the slower but inexpensive Media Mail of the USPS. Shipments are to USA addresses only.

You may have one box-full (a maximum of 5 zines) at a time and may keep the zines for two months. Return all the zines at once in the mailing box you receive. A Library return label is included in your package. The cost of return mail is yours as well, so use Media Mail.

The shipping boxes generally hold five normal-sized zines, but no more than five. If one orders an oversized zine, it's possible only four - or even fewer - will fit in.


Our zine collection is arrayed in a Shopping Cart. You may search, choose and order your zines with ease. Make sure you go all the way through the order process. Please email the Librarian if you have any trouble.

To begin, visit The Stacks:

You will need to register with a verifiable email account. Click "Your Account" (upper right on the shopping cart page) and follow the prompts.

Use the left-hand sidebar categories to search for zines. Data from the Qfer can be found in the descriptions and will guide you in your choices.

Registered users may leave comments on the zines. Don't be shy! Your reviews help the next borrower make choices. The reviews must be moderated (the software we use demands that) so send me a message that you've left comments so I can get them viewable as soon as possible.

Rules, procedures and payment options are found in the Information Sidebar of The Stacks.

Please read through all the links there: delivery, legal notice, and how to borrow. If you're using PayPal, remember to check the box that charges the transaction fee to you, the borrower, not the Library.

To browse The Stacks, click the link in the menu bar at the top of the page.



Catherine and Vincent on balcony, reading "Am I floating"