"To hold infinity in the palm of your hand ..."

Or an actual zine in both hands! Read on ...

In hard copy zines never (most likely) to be online, you'll find riches beyond counting, treasures beyond measure. Novellas, anthologies of stories, conzines, poetry, essays, newsletters, calendars, scripts, and art, art, art - all available for borrowing. How can you resist signing up and making an order?

Updates to the QFER and the Zine Database

At the 2013 convention, I had the opportunity to meet Jackie, who first put the QFER online, and thank her in person for her efforts. Her work benefits the CRLL so ... I have no words!

With her generous permission, the existing QFER information was incorporated into the CRLL's original 'card catalog'. Soon after, the QFER updating team, JoAnn Baca and Aliset, added more content to our database. Now, fewer zines have no descriptions.

There's still more to do – some data tables are incomplete as to rating, character pairings, and season – but progress is being made. I'm adding artists to the data sheets, but it's a slow process. 

Note there are three tabs beneath each zine title. More Info offers a short description of the zine's focus and some author and artist information. Data Sheet will give you the author's or editor's name, the zine's overall rating, its character focus, number of pages, and date of publication. Comments are reviews left by borrowers. Too many of these are blank! Please take a moment to share your thoughts. Your opinions count!



V in front of tunnel entrance, convention photograph 2010, gauzy overlay of words

photo: Carole. San Diego Convention, 2010
photo effect and postcard: JKH