to the Beauty and the Beast Fanzine Library. Here you'll find more than 850 hardcopy zines – art and story, the humorous and the heart-wrenching – a chronicle of our fandom's determination to keep the dream alive.

Hundreds of stories and pages of artwork appear only on paper, in publications out of print and almost impossible to acquire. For many of us, mention of these tales was a tease, their existence nearly myth. But safe-guarded all these years is a fantastic collection, available for borrowing.

Please visit the site often. Often, on the News page, a zine will be spotlighted. If you have questions or a zine to donate, Contact Us. Click Borrowing for an overview of procedures and the link to the library's holdings. The custodians of The QFER have allowed their online information to be integrated into the Library's Card Catalog. Go to The Collection to read of their generosity.

There's a whole world waiting for you ... indeed, worlds! For Classic and Continuing Classic tales, She Never Died (SND), Alternate Universe, 3rd Season stories and beyond ...

Please bookmark the Library's URL and do come back often to browse the Stacks.










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Our most recent donors are Helene K, Lisa H, and Suzie S in honor of her mom Mary(Kaja Pristo), all generously contributing zines, calendars, video recordings, and newsletters to the collection.

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to all the CRLL's generous donors!


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